Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Show is Cast!

Unemployment: Day 139 in Business Days: Day 191 in Human Days

It's been 7 hours and 191 days...since they took my job away.

My baby, "I WILL FOLLOW," is finally cast!  We had some incredibly difficult choices to make.  Over 500 actors and actresses answered our listing in Backstage.  We saw 55 of them, a few of whom were close friends to either me, the Director or our Producer.  In the end you choose the people best for the part.  You have to.  But that's not always an easy thing to do and inevitably, feelings got hurt.  This first foray into my own professional production has already taught me important lessons about staying professional at all times and keeping friendships away from my business.  Lesson learned.  But enough about me.  Meet the incredible cast of "I WILL FOLLOW!"

JOHN KEABLER - An amazing actor who nailed an Irish accent with his repertoire of limericks during auditions. John is ready to take on the role of 'Bono-God' along with the barrage of other male roles in the play.  And he's easy on the eyes, ladies.

MELISSA CENTER - A hilarious lady who has worked in many previous productions directed by our very own Steve
Wargo. She impressed us with her improv skills and chameleon-like ability to become all the different ladies in the play.  And she's easy on the eyes.

TSAVARIS - A sun beam of hilarity who is perfect to take on the role of 'Barri.'  Her understanding of the character is uncanny.  I mean, it's almost like it was written just for her. And easy on the eyes is the grossest of understatements when it comes to this living rainbow.

Full bios can be read at  Donations can be made there too, hint hint.  Even five bucks will help.

In the past two weeks we've also managed to hire a Scenic Designer, a Sound Designer, a Costume Designer, a Stage Manager, a Publicity Photographer, a delightful Production Assistant, and a Promotions Designer over in Mississippi who is going to fly in for the show and may actually be crazier for U2 than me.  Hot damn!  And of course there's my amazing Producer, Director, PR Rep and Web Designer who have been with me since early June.  I am honored to be working alongside so many talented people; humbled that they are all donating their precious time to me and a play that they too now believe in; thrilled to be steering this ship -- this is what I'm meant to be doing; and excited for the work ahead of us these next 6 weeks.

Speaking of work, that's exactly what this feels like.  A job.  I spend most of my waking hours on this show.  I work at it.  Hard.  And it is not always fun and easy.  It is not a hobby, like some people in my personal world might think.  This is my work.  My job.  And hopefully, sometime in the very near future, all of this work will catapult me from my status of "Unemployed and Fabulous" to "Self-Employed and Still Freaking Fabulous."  

Alright, time for me to get back to work.  This ship ain't gonna steer itself.