Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Pup Crawl: Free & Furry!

Unemployment: Day 191 in Business Days; Day 262 in Human Days

It's been 7 hours and 262 days...since they took my job away.

To all you unemployeds and employeds out there: Here's a fantastic and free way to spend this Saturday evening. The First Annual Brooklyn Bridge Pup Crawl.

This Saturday, September 26th, the first annual pup crawl takes place along the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. Take in the Manhattan Skyline (free) and the Statue of Liberty (also free) as you and your beloved pooch enjoy a moonlit stroll (free!). Prior to the walk, your pup will receive a stylish illuminated dog leash to keep visible and to light up the night, drawing attention to the cause. (free! woof!)

The evening will include refreshments for you and your pooch (free!), as well as a special doggie bag with treats (freaking free!) to say thanks for helping to feed other pets in need. If you're unemployed and broke like me, you can eat the dog food in the doggie bag. I'm gonna pour it in a bowl with some free tap water and pretend it's a bowl of frosted mini wheats...what people with jobs eat...

The Pup Crawl is donation-based and proceeds provide food to animal shelters across the country. So if you're still gainfully employed, it's a great cause for some of your hard earned.

Don't forget to register! See you at the crawl!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Unemployed & Fabulous: The Movie!...(sorta)

Unemployment: Day 176 in Business Days; Day 243 in Human Days

It's been 7 hours and 243 days...since they took my job away.

On August 22, I performed a matinee of "I Will Follow" and then ran up to Gotham City Improv to perform in their storytelling series called "Mindfields" that evening. Doing two shows in one day felt amazing. It made me feel like a bona fide actress, creator-y person. It was glorious.

Lucky for you, there's video of me reading my story in "Mindfields." If you've been reading this here blog since the beginning, you may recognize it. Enjoy!