Friday, April 24, 2009

Beads in the Belfry

Unemployment - Day 79 in Business Days; Day 109 in Human Days

It's been 7 hours and 109 days...since they took my job away.

I go back and forth on almost a daily basis trying to decide whether or not Facebook is the greatest thing since Bono's voice or a complete and utter detriment to my productivity and society in general.  Today I think Facebook is just plain delovely.

Through the FB, I have reconnected with my friend Nina from high school.  She is now a talented jewelry designer with her own jewelry
business up and running.  It's called Beads in the Belfry and the pieces are all handcrafted by Nina herself.  She has given me the opportunity to host an online jewelry party for Beads in the Belfry over the next week.  Mother's Day and graduations are a comin, so this is a great time to buy her handcrafted artisan jewelry.  And if the beautiful jewelry isn't incentive enough, every purchase made by one of my peoples gets me a 20% cut.  

My favorite piece, featured above, is called Gallactica Heavenly.  I like it because big rings rock, plus it makes me think of Battlestar Gallactica, the greatest television show to ever grace a Friday night.  It's $150.  But there are many less expensive pieces if you're unemployed like me but still want to give mom something swell.  My other favorite piece, par example, is the Copper Kalimba ring (at right) which is $35.

We all get to be winners here people.  You get to give a unique piece of handmade jewelry to your mother, grandma, sister, daughter, mistress or your mistress' mother or grandma instead of a tacky bouquet from called "Elegant Wishes" or "Abundant Love" (I didn't even make those up).  Mothers secretly hate that crap.  So do mistresses.  And mistress' grandma's?  Don't get me started.  

And did I mention the free gift?  Yes, every purchase gets a free gift!  I'm hoping that my free gift is something I can eat or live in. 

As for Nina, she gets a happy new customer.  And me?  Well, maybe, just maybe, I get to eat next week with my 20% cut.  But only if you mention my name when you check out!  

As Destiny's Child says, "Say my name, say my name!"  

Oh, and my name is Barri.  Sounds like Manilow (at right).

The party runs from Saturday, April 25, 2009 - Saturday, May 2, 2009.  Visit the shop here:

For more information or to host your own party, contact Nina at

Jobless City Challenge:  Tool around on Facebook, reconnect with an old friend and ask YOU to support a young jewelry designer.

Money Saved/Earned:  20% of Nina's hard-earned dough!  I'm no mathmagician, but I believe that equals zero unless you make a purchase now!

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