Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fanny Packs? Really, American Apparel?

Unemployment: Day 110 in Business Days; Day 150 in Human Days

It's been 7 hours and 150 days...since they took my job away.

So in between I WILL FOLLOW meetings today I wandered into American Apparel to check out the latest in florescent spandex, and was shocked by what I found right at the front of the store: Fanny Packs. 

Really?  Come on, American Apparel.  Not even you can make the fanny pack cool.  Ever.

It's funny, my friend Liz was telling me just the other day about how she actually wore a fanny pack for a month when she was backpacking through Europe some years ago.  I mocked her mercilessly.  Now I wonder if she was ahead of her time.

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